GT 410 Vibe Spike Overseeder for Bent Grasses

The MAREDO GT 410 Vibe Spike Overseeder for bent for bent fits your triplex greensmower and turns it into an overseeder for your greens and tees.



Overseeding is important for cold season grasses. It should be done regularly, so that you create a seedbed, in case the existing turf weakens. However, regular overseeding can be a time consuming operation. Not with the MAREDO GT 410 Vibe Spike Overseeder for bent. This is a unique, patented and innovative overseeding machine, that is not only fast, but clean and efficient as well. Customers who use it for years love it.

The GT 410 has a spiker shaft that creates the holes. The spike sections roll over the turf and next they vibrate due to the driven central cam shaft. The grass seeds are fed from the front by the seed box, which is driven by the front roller. The dosing is set via exchangeable gearwheels and start from 2 gram per square meter. When the seed drops down, it is funneled exactly in front of the spikes. The rolling spikes pick up the seed and plant the seed in the hole they are punching. The rear brush takes care of the seed falling in between the holes and the rear roller finishes the surface.

The GT 410 Vibe Spike Overseeder for bent works at mowing speed. It just leaves 1100 tiny clean holes per square meter. You don’t need to do anything afterwards. You can play right after it. And since the overseeding of 18 regular greens takes only 4-5 hours, you can plan the overseeding in between the players. As this is an easy job, current users overseed every 4-5 weeks during the growing season, preparing a seedbed in the soil.