GT 190 Counter Rotating Random POA remover

The MAREDO GT 190 Counter Rotating Random POA remover, pulls out the POA plant, using a very special technology.



Around the main drive shaft, special thin cutting blades are mounted, not square, but at a slight angle. The main shaft is driven via a gearbox, which rotates in the opposite direction and therefore reduces the revs required to power the unit. As a result, each individual blade makes a short slit in the turf. If a shallow rooted weed or POA plant was in that area, it would have been pulled out. It is like using a fine rake. The operation thins your turf in a random way, pulling out the material that is not well established yet.

The working depth can be set at something like 2-6 mm = 0.08 – 0.24”. It is advisable not to go deeper, because of the possibility of causing damage to the roots of the established plants. The cutting blade thickness is 0.8 mm = 0.03”. A standard stainless steel collecting box is included on the head unit.

The GT 190 Counter Rotating Random POA remover is also an ideal tool to thin and brush up dense turf. It works like a groomer, but on a much more intensive basis.

Normally you can work at mowing speed. The slower you go, the more intensive the meshed pattern. See the video below for a demonstration of how the machine works.