TT 2113 Vibe Spike Aerator

The MAREDO TT 2113 Vibe Spike Aerator is an ideal aerator to crack your soil.


Drum type spikers are on the market for years. They are doing a great job. Only when the soil is hard, it is hard to penetrate. Even if we put more weight on top of the machine, it hardly will go deeper. The main reason for this is the fact that all spikes line up to the center of the drum. So at the moment we want to go deeper, the soil inbetween the spikes is in the way and needs to be compacted. And the harder the soil, the more difficult to do.

MAREDO has developed a unique technology to overcome this problem. If you divide a drum type spiker into sections, who are mounted on a driven cam shaft, the spike sections will vibrate during rolling over the turf. It is this vibration that hammers the spikes in the soil, crack the soil and while pulling out, leave a nice clean hole. And the nice thing is that the groundspeeds determines the penetration force. The slower we drive, the more hammering per spike we get.

The TT 2113 Vibe Spike Aerator has a working width of 1300 mm = 52” and an adjustable working depth from 25-75 mm = 1-3” It needs a 20 HP (compact) tractor with a CAT 1 3P and 540 rev PTO. It weighs about 390 kg.