ST 22 Vibrating Drum Type Aerator

The MAREDO ST 22 Vibrating Drum type Aerator turns the ST 63 Powerunit into an aerator. An aerator removes the soil by pulling a core with hollow tines. Compaction relieve is important, but sometimes it is even more important to remove some of the old soil and exchange it with new material.



There are all kind of different coring machines available. But the ST 22 Vibrating Drum type Aerator is a special developed aeration machine. Like the ST 21, the ST 22 Vibrating Drum type Aerator uses vibration to hammer the hollow tines in the soil. The ST 22 has a similar camshaft as the ST 21. So when the hollow tine drum rolls over the ground surface, the vibration initiated from the driven camshaft, hammers the hollow tine in the soil. Because this corer has rotating hollow coring tine sections, the holes at the surface are a bit oval. This makes it easier to fill the holes with new material. But when this is not appreciated (on e.g. fine turf) it is better to use the MAREDO PT 23 or GT230 reciprocating aerators.

The vibration also helps the clean the hollow tine itself, when it is back up in the air.

The ST 22 Vibe Drum Corer goes up to 55 mm = 2.2” deep, which can be adjusted by the front roller. The standard hollow tine has an outside diameter of 16 mm = 0.625”. A smaller one is available as an option for fine turf. The cassette weighs 50 kg = 110 lbs.