ST 21 Vibe Spiker Aerator for Gardens

The MAREDO ST 21 Vibe Spiker Aerator for Gardens cassette turns the ST 63 Powerunit into an aerator, that opens up the soil. We all know how important aeration is for our turf. There are many ways of doing, but the ST 21 Vibe Spiker Aerator for Gardens is a unique MAREDO technology.



The problem with a regular drum type spiker is the fact that we need a lot of weight to push the spikes in the soil. For small machines, this is always a problem. Maredo has developed a new way of penetrating the soil. The technique that we use is vibration. The spike sections are mounted on a cam shaft. When this shaft is driven, the rolling spike sections start vibrating. And this vibration helps the spike to enter the soil. Next when fully pushed in the soil, the vibrating spikes open up the soil. This cracking action is important to relieve compaction and getting a healthy grass root system.

The maximum depth of the ST 21 Vibe Spiker is 55 mm = 2,2”. The depth is adjustable via the front roller. The spike thickness is 3 mm = 0.120”.

Because the spikes roll over the surface, they easily roll over hard objects, like stones and pavement. The head weighs about 40 kg = 90 lbs.

We punch about 495 holes per square meter = 400 holes per square yard.