ST 20 Verticutter for Turf

The MAREDO ST 20 Verticutter for Turf cassette turns the ST 63 Powerunit into a verticut machine. And because the cassttes on a ST 63 follow the undulations so well, this ST 63 + 20 will verticut your (undulated) turf evenly at the same depth. This feature makes the ST 20 Verticutter a great machine to remove moss, old grasses and weeds.

And also, because the ST 63 is wheel driven, the verticutting is done is a smooth and even way, without the machine pushed forward by the driven verticut blades.

The ST 20 verticut (also called a scarifier) cassette is standard equipped with 1.5 mm = 0.06” thick hardened cutting disks at a distance of 20 mm = 0.75” apart from each other. The depth is adjustable via the front roller from 0- 15 mm. = 0- 0.6”.

As an option carbide tipped blades and a rear roller are available.