Mframe 319 to Connect Heads to the Tractor

The MTools are heavy duty heads developed for a (compact) tractor. To connect them to the 3 Point of the tractor, we need a frame. This led to the development of the Mframe 319 to Connect Heads to the Tractor, which can hold 3 MT heads.

This MFrame has a full mechanical drive line for the 3 heads and flexible connection points to connect the MT head.

The overall working width of the MFrame with 3 MT heads attached is 1900 mm = 76”. The mechanical drive line consists of PTO shafts and gearboxes, which altogether is a very reliable drive line that can not slip or leak. The MFrame fits 20-45 HP (compact) tractors, which have a 3- Point CAT 1 connection and a 540 PTO. The weight of the Mframe 319 is 130 kg. Add the weight of the 3 MT heads for calculating to total weight.

It is possible to make wide turns with the MFrame. The MFrame + Mtools are ideal for fairways, sportfields, parks etc.