TT 4113 Tractor Mounted Overseeder

The MAREDO® TT 4113 Vibe Spike Seeder is a tractor mounted overseeder, ideal for sportfields, parks and fairways.

The TT 4113 Tractor Mounted Overseeder uses the same (patented) MAREDO technology, as is used in the GT 410. So please have a look at the GT 410 animation video to see how it works.

Basically, rolling spike sections create a nice clean hole pattern as they vibrate when the center cam shaft is driven. It is this vibration that cracks the top soil, which creates a perfect circumstance for the seed germination. The seed is sown in the front of the spikes. The seed drops down and is funneled towards the front of the spikes. The rolling spikes pick up the seed and plant it in the ground at the moment the hole is made. The seed itself is planted against the side of the hole, which is great for optimum soil contact and germination rates. A rear brush sweeps the remaining seeds in the hole and a rear roller smoothens the surface. You can play right after it.

The TT 4113 Tractor Mounted Overseeder has a working width of 1300 mm = 52” and an adjustable working depth from 8-20 mm= 0.30-0.75”. It needs a (compact) tractor as of 25 HP with a CAT 1 3P and 540 rev PTO. It weighs about 540 kg. The seed dosing can be adjusted between 2- 30 gram/ square meter, depending on the kind of seed.