Our Suppliers

At NANQUIP, we strive to bring you the best products the market has to offer, at the best possible price available.


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Innovators in Turf Maintenance

NANQUIP is the official distributor of MAREDO® machinery in the South Africa region. MAREDO is a Dutch company that develops innovative machinery for your turf maintenance needs. Using MAREDO machines will help you to maintain your turf more effeciently and cost-effectively than ever before. 

These newly innovated (patented) machine designs help to maintain your turf in a more sustainable way, by reducing the need for large tractors as well as required power.

Please check out our full range of MAREDO products, and do not hesitate in contacting us should you require and advice / further information.

JRM Inc.

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JRM, Inc., located outside Winston-Salem, NC, was started by James R. merritt in 1992.  Jim was a golf course superintendent at the time and was frustrated by the lack of quality aerification tines on the market. 

After extensive research into manufacturing and steel processes, Jim started making tines out of his garage.  Soon after, he started making customized tines for fellow superintendents.  It quickly blossomed into a full-time job and JRM was born...

Campey Turf Care Systems

Campey Turf Care Systems was established in 1986 by Richard Campey

When Richard detected an untapped market need, he realised that there was a role for a specialist supplier of purpose built equipment that would enable turf managers to meet the increased demands placed on modern sports turf surfaces. 

What initially started out as business offering sports turf maintenance work within the North West of the UK, has now grown to be one of the leading UK’s independent distributors, with machinery available to customers throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.