The PumpMaster NQ 5000

The PumpMaster NQ 5000

The PumpMaster NQ 5000 is an outstanding machine designed so that a single person can clear large or small quantities of water from areas quickly and easily - the PumpMaster NQ 5000 has plenty of power to get the job done fast.   It is self-priming, quiet, efficient and incredibly easy to use.   The PumpMaster NQ 5000 has uses in many different markets from golf courses to commercial landscapers to municipalities to sports complexes, this machine solve a myriad of water problems fast.

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The Advantages of the PumpMaster NQ 5000 :

    The PumpMaster NQ 5000 acts as an attachment to any brushcutter or weedeater. Just fit it on the machine and you're ready to go!
    Clear standing water in minutes. The PumpMaster NQ 5000 comes standard with mesh sand screens so the sand stays in the bunker while the water is quickly pumped out. The powerful Honda engine will pump water through 100’(250cm) of hose or up a 20’(50cm) rise without losing any pump pressure.
    Quickly empty flooded irrigation head blow outs or line breaks.  Dig a much smaller hole since the PumpMaster NQ 5000 clears the water fast. The PumpMaster NQ 5000 is equipped with a half-speed trigger lock so it will keep your work area clear of water even if the pipe is still leaking.
    One person can cruise the course after a rain storm and quickly clear and standing water from low lying areas in the cart path. Pump that area dry so that golfers aren’t tearing up wet grass to avoid the puddle.
    Quickly clear away water from clogged drain areas so that you can identify and quickly fix the problem. No more blindly groping in the murky water hoping to find what the problem is before too long – use the PumpMaster NQ 5000 to clear the water so you can fix the problem and move on.
    Drain water features quickly and efficiently to identify problems, install lighting or new pumps, winterize – you name it.
    One person can clear the water quickly while other workers identify and fix the problem. The half speed throttle lock allows the PumpMaster NQ 5000 to keep working while the problem is being fixed. No need for a hole five times larger than the problems so water stays out of the way.
    Quickly clear standing water from low lying areas around bases, home plate or high traffic areas.  Low areas in the grass or on the warning track can be quickly cleared away by a single person.