Why the M-FRAME and MTOOLS are "head" and shoulders above the rest...

Why the M-FRAME and MTOOLS are "head" and shoulders above the rest...

What led to the development of the M-FRAME 319?

The turf industry lacked the ability to make use of mowing units on a conventional tractor. Maredo® accepted the challenge of developing an innovative piece of machinery which can be attached to the 3 point CAT 1 connection of any 20-45 HP (compact) tractor, allowing the operation of three of Maredo's famous heads - the MTOOLS.


How does it operate?

The M-FRAME was developed with the idea of being a driveline for the three attachable heads. The "mechanical driveline " consists of PTO shafts and gearboxes, which when combined, is extremely and powerful. The connection point is flexible and is able to follow the slight contours of a sports field surface. It is possible to make wide-turns with the M-FRAME on a field. This makes the M-FRAME and MTOOLS ideal for use on Golf Course Fairways, Sportsfields, parks, etc.


Any other operation specifics regarding the M-FRAME?

The overall working width of the M-FRAME with 3 MTOOL heads attached is 1900mm. It fits on any 20-45 HP (compact)tractors, which have a 3 point CAT 1 connection and a 540 PTO. The weight of the M-FRAME 319 alone, is 130kg. Each set of attachments has it's own weight to take into consideration when calculating the total weight of the operation unit.



Which MTOOLS are available to be used on the M-FRAME?